AdNovum open source platform
AdNovum's solutions combine standard products of renowned vendors with open-source software and open standards. Open-source software components are also a major element of AdNovum's products. AdNovum therefore actively promotes the development of open-source software and supports the commitment of its employees in this field. As a sponsoring member, AdNovum is involved in the /ch/open/ Swiss Open Systems User Group.


mod_setenvifplus allows you to set environment variables and request/response headers according to whether different aspects of the request match regular expressions that you specify.

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mod_qos is a quality of service module for the Apache web server. It enables users to define priority levels for the processing of HTTP requests and can be used to fend off distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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httest provides a large variety of HTTP-related functionality useful for implementing HTTP-based tests.

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mod_sslcrl is a module for the Apache Web server. It verifies the validity of client certificates against Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) of Certification Authorities (CA).

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